beatonbenchmarks professional services

beatonbenchmarks provides world-class studies of:

+    Client satisfaction with a proven measurement model, precision and a relevant competitor set for your firm

+    Head-to-head benchmarking on crucial business development, brand and performance parameters 

+    Brand positioning against your close competitors to show levels of brand recognition and differentiation

+    Brand equity and fair value to inform your pricing policy and management of your margin

+    The relative strength of your business development capability and ability to maximize client acquisition opportunities

+    Consulting engineering, accounting, law and management consulting, specialist IP, and IT services


The strategic power of beatonbenchmarks is now complemented by the tactical immediacy and granularity of beatondebrief, our new project or matter feedback tool. For details click here


Why your firm should subscribe to beatonbenchmarks

beatonbenchmarks research provides strategic insights from the voices of clients. Their perspectives on what drives sustainable profit growth:


* Not all items are reported every year      



The beatonbenchmarks research products are designed to help you tackle client service and competitiveness strategically.

beatonbenchmarks provides CEOs in professional service firms with unique information and insights to help them grow their business sustainability and profitability.

In these testimonials professional services CEOs, CMOs and other senior leaders generously express the value beaton and our services like beatonbenchmarks deliver.

beatonbenchmarks are available for professional services firms in:

  • Consulting engineering, accounting, law and management consulting, specialist IP, and IT services
  • Australia and New Zealand,
  • A range of products to suit large, medium and small size firms.

In this video interview Mel Anderson and Tristan Forrester talk about beatonbenchmarks with Russel Howcroft, of Gruen Transfer fame.

Mel and Tristan are now both clients of beaton, having each spent many years with the firm.



There are a number of ways to access beatonbenchmarks, according to your requirements and geographies.


History of beatonbenchmarks

Beginnings in law…In 2003, beaton launched our first multi-firm study into client perceptions of law firms in Australia. This product changed the way Australia’s law firms view the importance of objective and comparative measurement of their market position. Many firms for the first time were able to reliably understand how clients compare them with their closest competitors on a range of outcomes such as client service performance and value delivery.

Expanding to the professions…Today, we produce reports and wrap-around services in legal, accountancy, management consulting, consulting engineering, specialist IP, IT services and other professions in New Zealand and Australia. With tens of 1000s of responses every year from c-suite and in-house professionals, senior and line managers of large and small organisations in the private and public sectors, beaton conducts the world’s largest independent study into perceptions of professional service firms. This study provides the assessments for The Financial Review Client Choice Awards for best professional service firms in Australia and New Zealand.

To learn more about our services or discuss the most appropriate package for your firm please contact George Beaton who will put you in touch with your closest beaton partner.