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beatondebrief benefits

  • beatondebrief provides your firm with actionable, real-time feedback from clients on projects at the time it matters most.
  • And we provide inter-firm comparisons to put feedback from your clients into industry and competitive context.
  • beatondebrief allows you to track the impact of your firm’s client service initiatives using Net Promoter Score (NPS) and other proven measures of the value you deliver to clients.
  • Start driving a high-performance culture in your firm with beatondebrief today. 
  • Red flag emails notify you about dissatisfied clients (Detractors) in real time, enabling you to take immediate remedial action. 
  • Green flag emails advise you of those who rate your work highly (Promoters) so you can ask them to recommend you.
  • beatondebrief is built on world-leading ‘Voice of the Client’ SaaS software. It’s easy for your clients to use meaning higher response rates and better results.
  • We integrate beatondebrief results into your own financial and CRM data on your dashboards.
  • Our proprietary knowledge from research on professional services clients gives beatondebrief advantages over others, including DIY surveys.
  • A beaton senior adviser and our research team will help you set-up beatondebrief to derive full value from your results.
  • With intuitive, drill-down reporting on your screen and seamless user experience, beatondebrief helps you protect and grow your client base.


beatondebrief users 

  • beatondebrief provides the c-suite of professional services firms with cost-effective, world’s best practice client insights.
  • All sizes of professional services firms benefit from beatondebrief.
  • We serve Accounting, Consulting engineering, IT services, Law, Management consulting and Specialist IP firms.
  • beatondebrief is an international research product.


beatondebrief as a tool for achieving client-centricity