Leading firm case study
“Our own clients don’t recognise our leading expertise”


A consulting engineering firm with three technical specializations realized few of its clients used more than one service—efforts at improving cross-selling were clearly not paying off.



The [Brand Position Report] showed that in all three areas of expertise, few clients saw the firm’s expertise as “leading” compared to its competitors.



Despite having some of the best regional experts in these areas, clients saw the firm’s large generalist competitors as having greater leading expertise—the problem was not poor cross-selling, but overcoming clients’ assumptions about the expertise available in a smaller firm.


The firm invested to:

  • communicate their involvement in iconic projects
  • promote their “gurus”
  • present at least three unsolicited proposals a quarter to key clients, in a specialization not currently used by the client.


Within a year, clients’ perceptions of the firm’s expertise had significantly improved in two of their three specializations.



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