Drivers of choice case study
“We’ve been focusing on the wrong things”


Since the recession, a top-tier law firm had been engaged in heavy discounting of rates to win work—even from existing clients with which it enjoyed long-standing relationships.

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The [BD Effectiveness Report] showed that conditions improved after the worst of the recession. Price was still less important to clients in awarding work than demonstrating a superior understanding of the clients’ business and industry.






While the firm’s clients were demanding lower fees, they were responding to discounting led by this firm and others, more than fundamentally changing their purchasing criteria.


The firm:

  • revised its business development process and tender templates to emphasise its knowledge of the clients’ business and industry
  • Included this criteria in its bid go/no go assessment
  • offered smaller discounts where it had clearly superior knowledge of the clients.


The firm improved its bid: win ratio, winning more work at higher margins.



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