Strategic priorities for improvement case study
“We can’t agree where to focus our efforts”


A mid-sized law firm sought a step-change in client service—from merely good to a level of competitive advantage.

While partners were advocating improving client access to partners, the managing partner wasn’t sure this was where to start.


  we can't agree


Their [Client Service Performance Report] revealed three relatively weaker areas of client service. One of these—”quality documentation”—was substantially more important to clients.


BEA22775_Beaton_Chart_6_Delivering Service




Partners can conflate what is important to them with what is important to clients. Of the firm’s lower areas of client service, “quality documentation” was far more important to clients than “access to partners”.


The firm implemented a “quality documentation” program, involving:

  • revisions to the firm’s standard templates to improve their look and feel
  • enforcing the use of those standard templates without amendment.


The firm’s reputation for high-quality, easily understood documents grew to the point where their contracts were recognized on sight.



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