Change in spend case study
“This is the business case for expanding our key client program”


Faced with declining client demand and increasing pressure on margin, the partners at a consulting firm were pushing to cut costs – including by scaling back their key client program. While the CMO had plenty of financial data on the importance of the key clients, she had no proof that the program helped the firm win against competitors.

  This is the business


Their [CRM Report] showed that the firm was facing a similar level of declining spend with clients, at -%8. Key clients, however, were forecasting a net increase in spend with the firm of +%8 – far better than competitors.


change in spend




The firm’s key client program was, despite an overall fall in spend, leading key clients to shift a larger share of their wallet to the firm.


The Chief Marketing Officer was able to make a compelling case to the partnership for not only maintaining, but in fact increasing, the investment in the key client program.

The program was expanded to cover 12 more growth clients, and BD resources hired to support the relationship partners.



The firm’s revenues from each of the 12 new growth clients either increased or held steady – an outstanding result when spend overall was declining. In addition, the number of services used by each client increased in every case.



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