Life Risk Intermediary Research

The Australian Life Insurance Intermediaries Study has been running for over twenty years in Australia and nineteen years in New Zealand and managed by Beaton Research + Consulting for the last five years.  Beaton Research + Consulting took over the management of this major study when Beaton acquired WA Taylor & Associates in 2009.

This Australian Life Insurance Intermediaries Study involves telephone interviews with a large representative sample of Australian and New Zealand independent financial advisers (IFA) and is conducted by Beaton’s experienced business-to-business telephone interviewing team. 


Essentially, the study report addresses the following information areas:

  • Performance ratings and benchmarking of all major Life Risk insurance providers in Australia on a set of operational, sales and marketing categories;
  • Life Risk Insurer products and provider usage by IFAs;
  • Life Risk provider brand advocacy;
  • Insights into the relative strengths and weaknesses of all major Life Risk insurance providers;
  • Clear priorities for action based on what is important in driving adviser satisfaction across the industry and how life risk companies perform against these key drivers; and
  • Insight into actions required to satisfy expectations, meet adviser needs and acquire ‘new’ advisers.


Mortgage Lender Intermediary Research


In 2013, Beaton Research + Consulting joined forces with Key Media or more specifically Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA) to conduct the 2013 Broker On Banks survey. Combining Beaton’s expertise and independence and Key Media’s access and reputation, this joint study objectively assesses the competitive performance of twelve of Australia’s major and non-major bank lenders as seen through the eyes of a large sample of Australian mortgage brokers.

The key information collected in this Study will include:

  • Key performance measures such as overall satisfaction, lender brand recommendation and likelihood of writing future business by bank lender;
  • Key drivers of brokers’ satisfaction with bank lenders;
  • The top mortgage product provided by a bank and why;
  • BDM performance ratings and specific feedback on areas for improvement;
  • Performance benchmarking of bank lenders, i.e. how they compare with each other, across a range of service attributes and other important factors; and
  • Broker profiling

Our mortgage lending clients are using our strategic reports to better understand their competitive performance and identify and act on areas to improve service and support to their broking partners in order to gain a competitive advantage in attracting, retaining and growing business through the intermediary channel.