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What your clients say about your firm’s competitive performance and what this means for your future profitability.



Topic area

What it informs

Overall client service experience

How your firm’s clients rate their satisfaction with your overall client service

Performance on service attributes

How your firms’ clients rate their satisfaction with the most important attributes and behaviours in your client service delivery

Drivers of satisfaction and value

The relative importance of each client service attribute in driving your clients’ overall perceptions of satisfaction and value

Strategic priorities for improvement

Identification of the key areas for service improvement that will have the highest ROI for your firm

Perceptions of value

How the level of your firm’s fees compares with your key competitors’

Perceptions of price

Your firm’s perception of fee levels relative to key competitors

Fair value delivery

How much price-setting discretion your firm has relative to close competitors

All information contained in this section is based on specific feedback on your firm and others from clients who have used your firm in the last 12 months.


Strategic priorities for improvement case study

Change in spend case study

Fair value delivery case study


“Beaton Benchmarks gives invaluable insight and tangible actions to support our commitment for our clients to experience excellent service”’

Lara Poloni – Chief Executive, AECOM Australia and New Zealand