In 2005, Beaton set a new benchmark in Professional Service Firm Awards with the inaugural Client Choice Awards.

Until then, all awards for professional service firms were judged by panels or through submissions – it tended to be ‘who you know’,’how you present yourself’ or ‘how many times you can get people to vote for you rather than how you perform for clients that determined the winners.

The Financial Review Client Choice Awards are different. They are judged through quantitative research into the actual perceptions of firms’ current clients. That is, the real-life, collective experiences of firms’, clients decide the winners.

It’s little wonder that the The Financial Review Client Choice Awards are among the most sought-after awards in the professions.


How does it work?


Applications for The Financial Review Client Choice Awards typically open in September each year. During this month, firms are invited to submit their online applications and provide their client databases for the research.

Research for the Awards is conducted independently by Beaton Research + Consulting from November to December. This research also forms the basis for Beaton Benchmarks in professional services.

Winners of the Awards are recognised in a special edition of The Financial Review and at a gala dinner in March.

Contact Mel Chee at Beaton for further information, or read more on our blog.


Watch this space for details of the 2016 Client Choice Awards. 

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