At Beaton, we often say we provide ‘evidence-based advice’. And that claim isn’t made lightly. Many research firms will say they offer strategic advice with their research solutions, but few, if any, have the strategy consulting credentials of Beaton Research + Consulting. Through hundreds of strategy consulting engagements over the past 30 years, Beaton has come to understand the role of evidence in designing strategy and driving change in organisations. Our deep roots in strategy consulting mean we don’t believe that offering tips on how to implement your research findings constitutes evidence-based advice. We do believe in understanding your strategic context and in asking the right questions from the outset. And we return repeatedly to the expected business benefits of the research whilst scoping and executing our research solutions.

We offer a full range of solutions for professional services firms, financial services firms and associations including the following:



If you have a strategic need that might require – at least in part – a research solution, then now is the best time to talk to Beaton. 

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