How satisfied is satisfied?

Clients have a choice of providers, staffs have a choice of employer; if there is a disparity between what they experience, and what they can experience elsewhere, they will vote with their wallets and their feet. External benchmarking is the only way to measure your true competitive position and identify areas for improvement.

Benchmarking for professional services based on B2B market research

Customer satisfaction benchmarking is a well-established genre of market research, but products built for B2C environments tend to fail dramatically in the complex professional and B2B services environment. Unlike most other research providers, Beaton’s research model has been developed specifically for professional and financial services firms to uncover the genuine needs of their clients and staff.

World-class benchmarks

Beaton’s benchmarked datasets and benchmarking studies are world-class. We are confident that no where else will you find the market-wide, quantitative data-driven insights that you can access at Beaton. Our tracking and cross-sectional benchmarks of external (client/market) and internal (staff) perceptions include over 100 firms and companies with time series over many years.

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