We look at your brand from a 360⁰ perspective identifying and dealing with brand gaps.

We take a strategic, rigorous approach to promoting a healthy brand: 

Our services in brand strategy and research include:

  • Advertising and brand tracking
  • Brand assessment
  • Brand associations and positioning
  • Perceptions of leading expertise – which services is your firm seen as leading in?
  • Brand equity modelling, using our proprietary brand equity model for professional service firms
  • Employer brand studies – internal (staff) and external (recruits) perspectives
  • Employee Value Proposition assessment
  • External (market) and internal (staff) brand alignment

If you need answers to questions like these,

we’re here to help…

Brand page

"What do clients know about our brand? Is it helping us win work"

"How can we improve our brand profile? Has what we've done in the past worked?"

"How is our firm differentiated from competitors? What can we differentiate on?"

" How can we build perceptions of expertise in the services we want to grow?"

"How will our brand be perceived in new markets? Do we have brand permission to move into these new areas?"

"What are candidates saying about our firm? What should we focus on to attract quality candidates?"

"What is the most attractive Employee Value Proposition that we can credibly communicate to the market?"