Our client research goes well beyond traditional measures of ‘customer satisfaction’. We have developed a research model tailored to the complex interactions involved in professional services and express it as Beaton’s ‘overall client service’ construct.

The overall client service construct has been developed through statistical analysis by looking at the relative weighting of each of the client held attitudes towards firms to calculate a score for overall client service. This overall client service score is an expression of the level of client engagement with a firm.

Each of the performance attributes is then correlated with the overall performance measure to determine the level of impact each attribute has on driving perceptions of overall client service.

The model is unique for each profession and grouping of firms within each profession, in other words – what makes clients of top-tier law firms happy is not necessarily the same as what makes clients of mid-sized accounting firms happy. Understanding the model and how it relates to your firm is critical to driving improvements in overall client service.


The overall client service model

Client Service Model

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