Beaton is uniquely positioned in the research space for clients like ours by offering a range of in-house services thus maximising value to clients.

  • Designing, programming and hosting of surveys
  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) with a dedicated team of executive level interviewers
  • Experienced qualitative researchers
  • Advanced expertise in management, storage and merging of contact databases
  • Leading edge reporting systems and delivery options
  • Advanced reserarch methods, analytics and statistics. Internally developed robust measurement models, including client relationship, staff engagement and brand equity in professional services, member engagement for professional associations and adviser experience (from product to service) in financial services.

As a full-service research firm, methods we frequently use are…

  • Qualitative research: in-depth interviewing, focus groups, building and managing online panels
  • Quantitative research: email-invitation web-based surveys, CATI interviewing
  • Statistical techniques and analysis: e.g. Choice modelling, Cluster analysis, Conjoint analysis, Correspondence and Discriminant analysis, Factor analysis, Regression and Structural Equation modelling.

We design and deliver a range of research studies including:

    • Advertising and brand tracking
    • Brand assessment and positioning
    • Brand equity modelling
    • Client and member satisfaction tracking
    • Market benchmarking
    • Pricing
    • Segmentation
    • Service/product development and refinement
    • Service/product demand estimation
    • Sentiment
    • Staff engagement
    • Thought leadership

However smart the techniques, it is the critical eye of our experienced consultants and analysts that makes the real difference. From brief to delivery, we apply a strategic filter to all we do, ensuring that each engagement is on target to answer your critical questions – and sometimes to answer those you didn’t realise needed asking.