Quality insights to improve your attraction and retention of talent are critical to the overall success, stability and growth of your firm – without them you’re flying blind. Objective and confidential feedback from partners/managers and staff is essential for reliable and valid measurement – and this can only be achieved with an independent researcher.

Beaton’s talent research provides insight into:

  • Your employer brand;
  • Partner staff engagement.

The essence of a successful talent strategy is aligning what your people and candidates want, with what you provide. This matrix demonstrates the core areas addressed in Beaton’s talent strategy and research offering:


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"What makes candidates pursue a job at one firm, and not another?"

"Where do people find out about firms? Which sources are more credible?"

"How do candidates see our firm as a place to work? How do we attract quality candidates?"

"How differentiated is our employer brand? What opportunities are there for differentiation?"

"What is the most attractive Employee Value Proposition that we can credibly communicate to the market?"

"What keeps our people engaged?"

"How engaged are our people compared to other professional service firms?"

"What should we focus on to improve staff engagement?"