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What your target market says about the competitive position of your firm’s brand and BD capabilities and what this means for your future growth and profit.



Topic area

What it informs

Brand conversion

Your firm’s comparative levels of brand awareness and consideration among your target market

Drivers of consideration

The criteria prospective clients use to inform consideration decisions

Brand associations

What your firm’s brand stands for relative to other firms | Your degree of differentiation from key competitors

Leading firm status

In which lines of service and market sectors your firm’s brand is known for expertise

BD conversion

Your firm’s comparative success in prospecting and pitching judged by your prospective clients

BD activities

Your firm’s comparative quality of pitches and pitch conversion among your prospective clients

Drivers of choice

The criteria prospective clients use to inform decisions when appointing providers | Criteria that are important for justifying a price premium


All information contained in this section is based on specific feedback on your firm and others from qualified buyers and users of services in your profession.


Leading firm case study

Drivers of choice case study


“Beaton Benchmarks data provides rich and in-depth feedback that complements our own client feedback program. It is crucial to ensuring clients receive a consistent and excellent service across multiple geographies and service lines.”

Craig McKiernan – National Manager Client Development, Golder Associates