Associations: Member experience

Satisfy the needs of your members, increase retention and grow your membership

Use our data to direct your resources to the most important areas of service delivery and improve your members' engagement with your association

beaton + FineHaus MX Research

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Member priorities

Why new members join your association

law firm performance

Your promise

How your performance matches expectations

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Services and resources

What services are used and how you deliver

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Usefulness and frequency of touch points

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Effective governance

Member satisfaction with your decision-making

“The insight we receive from the beaton member satisfaction research assists us to hear our members feedback and plan for the future. Understanding that data and making adjustments where necessary to our value proposition is paramount in remaining relevant to our members and the profession.”

David Williams, CEO, The Planning Institute of Australia

Evidence-based strategy and insights

Build your membership strategy based on an empirical model that's been refined through years of experience and research expertise

beaton is collaborating with the team from FineHaus to deliver this Member Experience (MX) Research. Together we have decades of experience working with associations and professional services firms

Discover drivers of member engagement

Assess your performance through a comprehensive survey that investigates all aspects of member experience

This research provides you with the independent and evidence-based insights on member satisfaction and engagement that you need to underpin your membership strategy

Customise your research

All associations have different needs. Tailor your report to match your goals:

  • Segment your results

  • Include non-members in your survey

  • Learn best-practice through benchmarking

  • Add custom questions

  • Track improvements with year-on-year analysis

  • Analyse how members view your pricing

“IPWEA has used the beaton surveys to shape our strategic planning since 2012. The beaton team are professional, affordable and most importantly, provide critical decision making data in an easy to understand and informative manner. We highly recommend this member satisfaction service.”

Robert Fuller, CEO, Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia

The standard MX Report starts from just $1,500 for associations with fewer than 3,000 members