Client-led Innovation

A special beaton report on the clients of leading professional services firms

Based on clients' feedback, these reports contain actionable insights that help guide your innovation investment strategies. These in-depth surveys of clients, conducted in late 2017 and early 2018, are available in the following professions:


Consulting Engineering

Not a buzzword: Innovation is a challenge

Innovation matters. In an age where clients have more choice in the firms they use, budgets are increasingly constrained, and more work is being done in-house, delivering a compelling value proposition is essential to keeping and growing your firm's business profitability.


Many professional service firms acknowledge that innovation is key, but are lost when considering where to begin and how to progress their innovation agenda. Reasons firms hesitate include:

  • Not knowing where they can get the best returns on their innovation investments

  • Having a culture resistant to changing the way things have always been done

  • Implementing new ideas is risky and they are unsure which ideas have best chance of success

  • Not knowing where there are gaps in the market for competitive differentiation based on innovation

This innovation research from beaton answers these questions and more!

This report explains...


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