Inbound Social Media

A special beaton report on the clients of

leading professional services firms

Based on clients' feedback, this report contains actionable insights that help guide your social media and digital content strategies. This in-depth survey of clients, conducted in late 2017 and early 2018, is available only for Accounting

Firms in other professions interested in collaborating with beaton and running this study in their own markets should contact us via and one of our account managers will be in touch

More than clickbait: The opportunities of social media are real

As social media channels consolidate from mass appeal to a core user base, they undergo an evolution from broadcast medium to digital content platforms. Increasingly, clients are turning to these platforms as avenues for finding information of professional interest, the sources of which become candidates for their organisation's business.

In the current marketplace, many firms are not even on social media, let alone be in a position to fully leverage the opportunities afforded by a platform. There is little guidance for firms' use of social media and how to best develop their digital strategies. What content is most appealing? How do firms maximise engagement and secure the network effects that brings? On which platforms and channels should firms focus?

This social media and inbound digital marketing research from beaton answers these questions and more!

This report explains...


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