NPS® tracking

Monitor your NPS®, keeping a constant eye on your Promoters, Passives and Detractors in real-time.

What's NPS®? Click here to learn about how measuring NPS® can help your firm.  

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We were delighted to be an early adopter of beatondebrief. Timely feedback on specific matters allows us to quickly understand and act on opportunities to improve our clients’ experience. In addition to our own direct conversations, there is real value in an independent, benchmarked channel for client feedback, one that clients can use consistently across their providers.

Sam Nickless - Chief Operating Officer, Gilbert + Tobin

Project debriefs

 Stay on the pulse of your performance for every matter and every project 

Our live dashboards allow you to identify satisfaction and priorities for improvement for individual clients on each transaction

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Client profiles
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Drill down into ratings given by individual clients in real-time. See who is happy, who isn't, and why.

KPI comparisons
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Identify what your firm does well, what it does poorly, and why unhappy clients are unhappy. 

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Practice group

Matter value

Prioritise your response to client feedback. Seamless and interactive data segmentation allows you to focus on mission critical areas for improvement.

Grow your practice, improve client retention and capitalise on referrals with our turn-key solution