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Why 80% of clients choose more expensive firms

When we present our beatonbenchmarks™ reports, the section about why clients appoint a more expensive firm often gets the most attention, challenge and interest. Of course, this doesn’t mean that 80% of clients always choose a more expensive firm, but it does mean that they are open to selecting firms based on demonstrated value rather than price. This is true across the professions we measure. Our data for Australia shows the numbers are: 82% in legal, 85% in consulting engineering, 71% in accounting and 83% in management consulting. And in New Zealand the figure is 76% for consulting engineering. Two questions What level of energy and effort is spent in your firm trying to offer a competit

Why overall client service consistency matters so much

The way clients experience overall client service is a function of a professional firm's culture. This post explains why overall client service consistency matters to the sustainability and profitability of firms. We know from the classic research into the service profit chain that client satisfaction is significantly determined by the culture of the service provider, i.e. ‘how things are done around here’. Overall client service consistency measurement On the beatonbenchmarks Consistency chart, the spread in the score a firm receives for Overall Client Service (OCS), i.e. the standard deviation on the vertical axis, is negatively correlated with the score itself, shown on the horizontal axi

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