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Mirror on the wall which firms have the highest relationship NPS of all?

Which firms have the highest relationship NPS of all? is a finding based on the mining of beaton's datasets gathered in our large scale surveys of the clients of professional services firms in Australia and New Zealand. Which firms score highest? What's this mean? And why do I refer to 'relationship' NPS in the title? NPS®: Net Promoter Score In the corporate world, NPS is a much used metric. NPS became famous more than 15 years ago as the one (at the time some suggested the only) number an organisation needed to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty. Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company pioneered the NPS concept and wrote books published by Harvard on the subject (i). NPS was developed

Five ways beatonbenchmarks value proposition is better than ever (with video)

In five important ways the beatonbenchmarks value proposition is better than ever. Each year in Australia and New Zealand accountancy, consulting engineering, law, IP, and management consulting firms and their clients benefit by subscribing to beatonbenchmarks. In 2017, as a result of further improvement and innovation, we expect the number to grow. Here's what beaton is doing that makes us confident the beatonbenchmarks value proposition is going to be better than ever for both firms and their clients. Over the past few months, the beaton team has listened to how to analyse, report, and present our findings in ever-more insightful and actionable ways for c-suite executives. Improved beatonb

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