Grow your firm by helping clients to switch to you may sound like a simple statement of obvious advice. It’s not because, as the research amongst clients of professional services firms summarised in this post shows, you need to know how to do this to maximise the proba...

It's 25 years since David Maister published Managing the Professional Service Firm (1993). Does client data back his views?

November 21, 2018

Make your client database a real asset

Make your client database a real asset reminds us that, while it’s not found on your balance sheet, your client database is a valuable asset. And, as with all assets, maximising your ROA (return on assets) is sound business practic...

May 23, 2016

When we present our beatonbenchmarks™ reports, the section about why clients appoint a more expensive firm often gets the most attention, challenge and interest.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that 80% of clients always choose a more expensive firm, but it does mean that...

April 21, 2016

Increasingly firms are using their bid:win ratio to gauge return on investment, that is to maximise the value of their bid:win ratio.

Business development in a B2B enterprise, including professional services, is much more costly than a business to consumer enterprise be...

April 19, 2016

To win work, you have to convert clients from consideration to purchase, in other words you have to focus your prospecting and pitching on what matters most to clients. This requires effective business development, with prospecting and pitching that is more persuasive...

April 9, 2016

'Why Consideration matters' addresses a critical marketing metric, namely the proportion of prospects and clients who would consider engaging a professional services firm.

Creating sustainable growth in professional services requires a firm to continuously strengthen it...

April 4, 2016

This is the first of a series of posts on how to develop and execute an effective industry strategy to drive profitable growth in a professional services firm.

Clients are telling us loud and clear that they value and select advisors based on industry expertise and expe...

May 30, 2015

If you look around law and other professional service firms, it is clear that after a period of decline, the Managing Partner, Clients role is back in vogue. In Australia Clayton Utz, King & Wood Mallesons, Herbert Smith Freehills, Ashurst and others have such position...

April 7, 2015

Helping clients cross-buy is one sure way to grow organically in a stagnant market. Yet so few firms recognise the opportunity. The chart in this post provides empirical evidence that clients actually value using multiple service lines from a single firm. In other word...

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