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Monitor your brand  in your beatonbenchmarks report

Each report includes empirical evidence of your firm's business conversion rates, your reputation in the market, buyer behaviour and your key priorities.

A road-map for winning more of the clients you want

client buying-behaviour

Buying behaviour

How clients buy, and what they care most about

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Your reputation

What your firm is known for in the marketplace

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Conversion rates

Your conversion of brand awareness to use

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How to win

How your firm can win more of the work you want

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Client switching

Why clients switch firms in your profession

Service lines reputation

law firm reputation

Check what sets you apart from close competitors in your service market

Perception tracking

Know how your key brand attributes are trending over time

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Conversion funnel

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Analyse your effectiveness at winning and developing clients

Professional services executive

As a professional services firm, it is critically important for Tonkin + Taylor to be aware of how our presence in the market is objectively perceived. We solicit and calibrate the feedback received from a number of sources, including our own client interviews and project follow-ups. We combine these with results we get from participation in the beatonbenchmarks market and client survey, to which we first subscribed in 2011. The feedback proves valuable data supporting strategic decisions, training, and career development discussions with staff.

Doug Johnson - Managing Director, Tonkin + Taylor

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