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David Rennick

Head of Australia - Pinsent Masons


We are a global firm with offices across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. However, our relatively recent venture to Australia in 2015 means that we are effectively a ‘start-up’. Our need was a pragmatic, quantitative view of our brand in the Australian market to inform our business development strategy.

Why we chose beaton

We used beaton because of their years of experience in collecting and analysing brand and performance data that isn’t available from any other source. 


How beaton helped

beaton’s brand benchmarking allowed us to understand quantitatively our levels of brand awareness and consideration relative to our competitors, and in which practice areas we are known best. This helps us to make informed brand building and business development decisions, ensuring we are responding to our clients’ needs.

Kate Dunton

Director of Clients & Marketing Australia New Zealand - AECOM


At AECOM, we see client insights as key to informing our strategy. Specifically, client insights help us determine where to spend our time, effort and budget so that we can deliver the best possible value to our clients. 

Why we chose beaton

beaton’s industry benchmarking is a core pillar of our client insights program. We use the beatonbenchmarks extensively because they provide the best benchmarking available in our industry. In fact, it’s a point of jealousy for my overseas colleagues at AECOM that the beatonbenchmarks are available only in Australia-New Zealand.


How beaton helped

The beatonbenchmarks are particularly helpful in identifying precisely our strengths and weaknesses in our brand and client service delivery. This allows us to allocate our resources effectively and gives us clear actions for improvement.

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