Strategic consulting

Insights. Strategy. Results.


Consulting services for small to large professional services firms. Presented and facilitated by beaton's experienced partners based in Australia and New Zealand

Find and retain profitable clients

Design strategies based on beaton’s unique research:

  • Buyer behaviour at each stage of buyer cycle - converting awareness to consideration, to use, to most use

  • What clients value

  • Why a client will select a more expensive firm

  • What clients expect as excellent service 

  • How service excellence leads to loyalty, repeat purchase, referrals (NPS) and higher profits

beaton helps firms develop BD, CRM and client programs, and we work with principals to build confidence and competence to win work and grow client relationships.


We use our research to inform our approach and our hands-on experience of working with principals across the professions to get results.

"If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering"

Our services include:


Design of client programs


Client relationship partner



Client service excellence programs


Best practice CRM workshops


Business development workshops

Price for client satisfaction and profitability

“FB Rice engaged beaton to assist the firm in pricing our services. This has led to a sea change in how our attorneys engage in pricing discussions with clients and in their understanding of the value they deliver to clients. We have used the teachings and adopted what for us were novel approaches to engage with and win new client work in circumstances where this would likely not have occurred in the past”

Strategy and negotiation training based on beaton’s unique research:

  • Understanding the drivers of what clients perceive as value

  • Optimising pricing strategy for profitability

  • Managing the trade-offs between top line growth and profit growth

  • Where and how to maximise price-setting discretion

  • Communicating value and negotiating price 

  • Monetising scope creep 

Pricing and negotiation is one of the major strategic and commercial challenges faced by professional services firms.
beaton works with firms to optimise their pricing strategy and execution delivering immediate ROI. Our approach combines research on value and pricing, with our experience of client communication and the financial/ operational aspects of pricing.

Our services include:


Defining your firm's value proposition


Briefing, scoping and pricing workshops


Development of pricing strategy


Negotiating price and discounts workshops


Monetising scope creep workshops


Strategic levers of profitable growth

Where and how to find profitable growth opportunities based on beaton’s unique research:

  • Which market segments and clients are the most attractive for you?

  • Product and service offering, what are you good at? Where does your expertise lie?

  • Optimal pricing strategies, managing scope creep and variations

  • Effective client engagement to generate future business

  • Headcount balanced with future workload

  • Effective expenditure management – what really matters
    Client systems that support your business

Most market segments in professional services are mature and hyper-competitive and many are commoditising.


beaton works with firms to build a portfolio of client sectors and service lines that offer profitable growth either through differentiated specialisations with premium pricing or through super-efficient business models to capture profit through volume.

“Working with a beaton partner opened our minds to how to approach finding fresh ways of growing our profits sustainably; we have never looked back”

Our services include:

politician (1).png

Evidence-based keynote addresses


Finding strategic opportunities for your firm


Executive briefings on the market


Practical steps to a better business strategy

“For the last year we have worked across our Australian offices with beaton to improve the way we negotiate the price of our services and communicate value to our clients. This investment was initially motivated by seeing our position on the beatonbenchmarks fair value line. We are already deriving benefits and expect the benefits to grow and be sustained”

Formulation and execution drawing on beaton’s unique experience across hundreds of firms in B2B professional services:

  • Driving a shared vision and creating values

  • Choosing the ‘right’ clients

  • Culture + Clients = Cash

  • Key profit drivers

  • Process re-engineering for better CX and efficiency

  • Keys to converting good intention into effective action

On the one hand, professional services firms are relatively straightforward businesses to run. On the other hand, the advent of disruptive new business models and technologies and the conservative culture of most firms makes change a challenge.


That’s why relying on nearly 150 years of experience in beaton’s partners helps firm formulate and execute smarter strategies.

Our services include:


Diagnosing business performance


Facilitating leadership and planning conferences


Guiding strategy implementation


Maximise partner performance

Leverage beaton’s unique experience in over 100 partnerships of all sizes to improve the way partners’ performance is sustainably enhanced:

  • Growing the profit pie is the first priority 

  • Splitting the pie equitably is also the first priority

  • Balancing contribution and reward transparently

  • Setting performance standards and KPIs

  • Tailoring KPIs to play the strengths of each partner

  • Creating a harmonious social contract among partners

An integrated performance management and trusted reward system are key to driving a high-performance culture and superior outcomes in firms.


The objectives of an effective system are to ensure execution of strategy and growth and fair division of profit. This is particularly important as firms deal with succession and generational change.

“Since the consultation and series of workshops with an experienced beaton partner, our partnership of 15 hasn’t looked back. We are happier, more productive, better team players and making more profit. And, what’s more it’s rubbing off on our staff and clients”

Our services include:


Designing performance management systems


Workshops to clarify performance expectations


Advice on remuneration structures


Access the world-leading advice of our experienced partners