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A special beaton report on the clients of leading professional services firms

Based on clients' feedback, these reports contain actionable insights that help guide your marketing, business development and client relationship management investment strategies. These in-depth surveys of clients, conducted in late 2017 and early 2018, are available in the following professions:


Consulting Engineering


Client centricity is key to growing your firm's business profitability

For many firms, Client Experience (CX) programs have fast emerged as the area of strategic priority. More than quality of firms’ work and more than client service standards, CX programs encompass the whole body of client interactions with a firm, from start-to-finish and beyond, including the emotions felt during and between touchpoints.

With little evidence-based guidance, many firms are left guessing on key questions: How should firms break down the client journey? Which emotions drive CX? What are the important interactions? What are the industry benchmarks on touchpoint performance? What is the ROI of CX programs?

This CX report from beaton answers these questions and more!

This report explains...


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