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beatoncompass is a publication series that contains market-level data and is written from the perspective of your clients. Each report focuses on a topic of immediate strategic importance and contains interpreted insights into typical clients’ and prospects’ needs, the drivers of their buying behaviour and satisfaction with the value they receive from professional service firms.

Available reports:


CX - Available April 2020

Available for Legal, Consulting engineering and Accounting services

The growth of customer experience in B2C markets has many firms asking what lessons they can learn. What is Client Experience (CX)? What is the client journey? How do emotions fit into CX? What is the return on investment in improving CX? This report answers these questions and creates a framework for firms to begin thinking about their clients' journeys and how they can improve this experience.

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Culture - Available April 2020

Available for Legal, Consulting engineering and Accounting services

Clients are becoming increasingly socially aware and while many firms have focused on improving their internal culture to bolster employee experience, how, if at all, are they communicating this to clients? What aspects of culture are most important to clients? This report explores the role of culture in choice of firm and deepening on-going relationships and how firms communicate their culture to the market.


Client-led Innovation

Available for Legal and Consulting engineering services

Effective innovation is fast becoming a (the?) determinant of success, even survival, for the supply and demand sides of the professional services market. Yet little-to-nothing is systematically known about clients’ knowledge of and attitudes towards innovation, whether in clients’ own organisations or in their outside firms. From the perspective of clients' needs, this report provides insights for firms to take an evidence-based approach to innovating.


Marketing, BD and CRM Effectiveness

Available for Legal, Consulting engineering and Accounting services

How can a firm stand out from the crowd and attract clients to grow their business? What interventions can a firm make to communicate their value and favourably influence a client’s decision-making process? What can firms do to maintain their relationships and grow their share of wallet with existing clients? How do clients view the marketing effectiveness of firms? This report answers these questions and provides a framework for optimal marketing.


Inbound Social Media

Available for Accounting services

Social media channels have evolved from being avenues to broadcast content at clients to digital content platforms to engage in knowledge-sharing with clients. Tightening marketing budgets and risk aversion inhibits firms from fully leveraging this change. In response to the dearth of empirical data, this report explores clients’ attitudes to and behaviours on social media and digital content platforms.

Actionable insights

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This research is designed in close collaboration with partner professional services firms to maximise the value of the reports. These firms had input into the topic and questionnaire and helped interpret findings in a series of workshops with beaton

Hot topics of direct relevance to firms and clients

Lead the pack by acting before competitors recognise the opportunities even exist

beaton identifies research topics for these reports by observing trends in our tracking data. Collected over 15 years and across thousands of clients of professional services, these movements (or lack thereof) represent unmet needs of clients - will your firm be the first to respond?

Representative of the market

Target your strategies and investments at the right segments in the market

beaton collaborates with enough firms on each report to ensure that a relevant cross-section of the market is captured in the data. Insights come from both decision-makers and the face-to-face contacts in client organisations


From the Client-led Innovation in Legal Services report

Get your firm involved

beaton is seeking more partner firms with which to collaborate on future reports. Being a partner firm means the reports will be partially surveyed on your clients, you have input into the topics that beaton researches and reports, you get early previews of the data and help shape the interpretation, all at a cost-effective price point.

If there are hot topics of strategic interest to your firms that would benefit from the independent perspective of the marketplace, contact us via with your interest and one of our account managers will get in touch.

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