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Competing in the experience market is the future of professional services


For many firms, Client Experience (CX) programs have fast emerged as the area of strategic priority. More than quality of firms’ work and more than client service standards, CX programs encompass the entirety of client interactions with a firm, from start-to-finish and beyond, including the emotions felt during and between touchpoints.

With little evidence-based guidance, most firms are left guessing on key questions: How should firms analyse the client journey? Which emotions drive CX? What are the important interactions? What are the industry benchmarks on touchpoint performance? What is the ROI of CX programs?

This new CX report from beaton answers these questions and many more!


Self-assess your CX

Add the CX Audit Tool when you purchase the report to get insights specific to your firm. The Tool allows you to survey up to 100 of your staff to self-assess your firm's CX activities. This data builds on the rich actionable insights contained in the report. A trial version of the Tool that gives you a taste of what the full version can do can be accessed here.


This report explains...

  • What CX means and how it can be measured

  • The different phases of the CX Cycle and the profession benchmarks at each phase

  • How key emotions drive CX sentiment

  • Which interactions drive those key emotions

  • The business benefits of delivering excellent CX


This report helps you...

  • Assess and re-think your existing client programs

  • Use robust data as the foundation of your firms’ CX program

  • Directly link CX investment to profitable business initiatives

  • Identify and benchmark your firm on important touchpoints through the CX Cycle

  • Differentiate from competitors with excellent CX

Client Experience - CX - beatoncompass


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