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COVID-19 is having a significant impact globally on the way we live, work, interact, think and feel. This is affecting needs, expectations, behaviour and decision-making for individual clients and organisations.

While there has been much research done to see the impact of the pandemic on firms, questions remain about how the way we work has changed has affected clients and their relationships with their firms and consultants. How are clients’ expectations and needs changing during COVID-19?How should firms adapt their brand and CX strategies to build competitive advantage?


This new COVID Impact on Clients report from beaton answers these questions and many more!


This report explains...

  • Which marketing, BD and CRM activities have clients seen from their firms

  • How useful have these activities been

  • Changes in client buyer behaviour

  • Affect of COVID on their organisations and how this varies by client segment

  • Opportunities for firms to be better business partners


This report helps you...

  • Understand the trends in the market and client expectations

  • Re-assess your short-to-medium term plans to account for COVID-19

  • Stay ahead of your competitors in these uncertain times

COVID Impact on Clients - beatoncompass


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