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Competing in the experience market is the future of professional services


In a world of growing media interest in and staff expectations of corporate culture, one key stakeholder’s voice has been absent: Clients. While many firms have focused on improving their internal culture to bolster employee experience, there has been little research to understand what effect this has on clients and their purchasing decisions and experience working with the firm.


This report explores key questions: How, if at all, are firms communicating their culture to clients? What aspects of culture are most important to clients? How important is culture alignment between client organisation and firm? Are client experiences consistent across levels of staff at their firms?


This new Culture report from beaton answers these questions and many more!


This report explains...

  • How clients rate the culture of different levels of firm staff

  • Examples of positive and negative culture in clients’ own words

  • Where clients and their firms’ cultures are most aligned

  • How experiences of firms’ culture and cultural drivers of firm choice differ by gender


This report helps you...

  • Directly link your employee experience initiatives to your client experience ones

  • Identify where other firms are communicating their values to clients and prospects and compete

  • Understand the cultural behaviours that drive clients’ purchasing decisions

  • Differentiate from competitors on positive firm culture

Culture - beatoncompass


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