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Client centricity is key to growing your firm's business profitability


Reaching new and retaining existing clients is one of the core pressures facing professional service firms as their industries experience disruption and transformation. Tightening budgets mean firms have to target their engagement activities strategically and make evidence-based investment decisions.

With more tools than ever to engage their clients, many firms struggle to quantify the effectiveness of various marketing, business development and client relationship management activities. Other firms worry whether in a crowded marketplace their engagement activities will get lost in the noise or become burdensome on their clients and prospects.

This Marketing/BD/CRM effectiveness research from beaton answers these questions and more!


This report explains...

  • Which marketing and business development activities are most influential on clients choosing a firm

  • Which client relationship management activities are most influential on a client’s relationship with their firm

  • The frequency and preferred exposure to a professional service firm’s CRM, BD and Marketing activities

  • What drives clients satisfaction with a client relationship partner


This report helps you...

  • Focus and prioritise how your firm engages with clients and prospects

  • Identify market gaps in Marketing, BD and CRM activities that your firm can exploit

  • Identify where in the marketplace your competitors are not engaging their clients

  • Increase your consideration by prospects

  • Increase client satisfaction, relationship health, recommendation and repeat use

  • Optimise your marketing strategies

Marketing, BD and CRM Effectiveness - beatoncompass


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