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New Zealand MD endorses Client Choice Awards–beatonbenchmarks service

This New Zealand professional services MD endorses the Client Choice Awards–beatonbenchmarks service. Beaton is privileged to publish this post written by Doug Johnson, MD of Tonkin + Taylor, a specialist Environmental and Engineering Consultancy head-officed in Auckland. Read why.

As a professional services firm it is critically important for Tonkin + Taylor to be

aware of how our presence in the market is objectively perceived.

It is also important to get feedback on the perceptions of our industry, not only for our business, but also for the wider consultancy services being provided by our competitors.

We solicit and calibrate the feedback received from a number of sources. These include our own specific client interviews and project follow-ups, which we combine with results we get from participation in the beatonbenchmarks market and client survey, to which we first subscribed in 2011.

Endorses Client Choice Awards – beatonbenchmarks

beatonbenchmarks provides an important perspective that is independent and complements our own discussions with clients. We have found the general aggregated feedback from the beatonbenchmarks survey to be consistent with our client and project-specific feedback loops, enabling us to make objective assessments of our comparative performance.

In addition, the beatonbenchmarks data provides valuable insights on how client perceptions of Tonkin & Taylor have trended in light of organisational changes, strategic activity, and changing market conditions. The data not only reflects our relationships, but also gives us insights into the marketplace's perceptions of us relative to our competitors, and to the standing of the industry as whole.

The feedback proves valuable data supporting strategic decisions, training, and career development discussions with staff.


Doug JohnsonDoug Johnson is the Managing Director of Tonkin + Taylor's New Zealand operation. He is an Engineering Geologist based in the Auckland office with more than 30 years’ experience. Doug holds an MSc (Hons) and has published several papers on risk assessment and the evaluation and design of quarry and mine slopes using quantitative risk methods.

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