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This doesn't happen everyday…

…but when it does, it's reason to celebrate and acknowledge the many thousands of respondents who support the research we undertake on behalf of professional services firms.

Yesterday beaton's respondent support desk received this email: "Your work is so valuable that, whilst I rarely complete surveys, I always puts aside time for yours." The sender was a senior manager in a large multi-national organisation.

Needless to say this message made our day! Thank you to the sender who must remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

Since beaton started online surveying in 2003 we have invited over 5,000,000 clients of and referrers of work to Australian and New Zealand professional services firms to complete questionnaires. And we have received over 250,000 completed surveys. By online surveying standards this is a remarkably high ratio, suggesting a high level of engagement in providing feedback to the service providers. For details of how we use survey data, please click Solutions here.

We also recognise there are invitees who do not wish to complete surveys. Their wishes are scrupulously respected and they are placed on our Permanent Do Not Contact list.

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