Too many to name; all important to thank

2017 has been our best year in over a decade.

This post is one of our ways of saying thank you to our clients, business partners, staff and suppliers for your loyalty, contribution, collaboration, and faith. You are too many to name individually, and all too important not to acknowledge and warmly thank. Here's why.

Four big things helped make 2017 special.

  1. Our decision to unequivocally position Beaton Research + Consulting as the Voice of Your Clients in Professional Services. This is reflected in our new website and the adoption of beaton as our name in the marketplace. Our origins, values and specialisation are inherent in the 'beaton' name, strengthening the equity in and legacy of our brand.

  2. While it will always be work-in-progress, we have worked hard to refresh our relationships with our 100+ clients in Australia and New Zealand. Hopefully, our clients are judging us favourably for this effort. We are more focused on the top drivers of overall client satisfaction: specific expertise in your area of need and demonstrable understanding of your business and industry. This is demonstrated in our interpretation of and recommendations on research findings, our evidence-based strategic consulting, and our thought leadership shared through publications, public-speaking and social media activity.

  3. Collaboration is one of the four values of beaton: World Class, Accountable, Collaborative, Client-Focused. Of necessity, our collaborators – clients, business partners, media partners, technology suppliers, professional societies and sponsors – will assess the success of our collaboration with them, but we are delighted with the fruits of intensified co-production of the design, reporting and delivery of our products and services and close co-operation in new product development.

  4. Our investment in innovation to accelerate the transformation of our business model, the digitalisation of our current and new products, the introduction of the Professional Services Awards for medium-small professional services firms managed by FirmChecker, a beaton sister company, and upgrades in our back office systems.

Thank you to all who are making our work possible. We enter 2018 with high hopes for another excitingly successful year together with all our stakeholders.

In the spirit of being evidence-based, if you have worked with beaton in any way during 2017 and have suggestions on how we can improve in 2018, please let us know in the space below.


Compliments of the holiday season from the beaton team!