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Why I fully support these forms of industry recognition

Today, during the second stage of the Client Choice Awards 2018 survey we were again delighted to receive an email from an invited respondent. This time from Peter Arkell, an Australian executive based in Shanghai. Read what Peter has to say.

"G'day beaton

I’m glad that I checked with you re the legitimacy of the survey; I will now complete the it.

Good luck with the (Client Choice) Awards. I’m former Chairman of AustCham in Shanghai and we have the annual Australia China Business awards (25th year this year).

I fully support these forms of industry recognition.

All the best,

Peter Arkell

Managing Director

Carrington Day"

Two takeouts:

> Concerns (quite legitimately) about cybersecurity are making online research ever harder. Researchers like beaton need to build communities based on trust and understanding of the value of feedback to service providers. I am pleased to report that this year we are encountering substantially fewer opt-outs and abusive emails than in previous years. We are working hard to earn the trust and support of the 400,000+ executives we invite to contribute to our annual survey.

> In the introduction, I say 'again' because late last year we received another ringing endorsement of beaton's surveying on behalf of professional services firms: This doesn't happen every day...

Thank you Peter (and all respondents)!

The beaton team

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