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What clients think about innovation

Today Paul Hugh-Jones and George Beaton presented a webinar on what clients of major law and consulting engineering firms think about innovation.

Using the just-released beaton reports on Client-led Innovation in Legal Services and Client-led Innovation in Consulting Engineering, we covered highlights of the researched evidence and explored the major implications fo professional services firms.

The webinar was held in conjunction with ICON,

The full webinar audio and synchronised slide deck may be accessed here (please note audio starts from 3 minutes 10 seconds in to the video). And the slide deck is separately accessible here.

To whet your appetite, these are some of the key take-outs:

> One in four clients of law and consulting engineering (CE) firms do not consider any firm they know to be innovative.

> Of the firms nominated as innovative, between half and two-thirds were not the clients' main supplier or primary firm.

> Over half of CE and law respondents have never seen an example of outstanding innovation from a CE or law firm.

> Innovation has limited value unless applied to a client’s needs.

> 'Innovation' does not automatically mean 'Technology'; in fact quite the contrary.

> Don’t innovate on your own in the dark.

> Understand what innovation clients need and value.

There's no doubt about it….there is very big pent-up, unmet demand from clients for the benefits of innovation from professional services firms.

Both the Law and CE reports are available now. And the Accounting equivalent will be out in May.

Contact Paul Hugh-Jones, David Goener or George Beaton for a discussion of how your firm can access the full reports.

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