Awards for professional services firms in which clients are the only arbiter

While increasing numbers of service providers outside the professions rigorously gather, analyse and learn from customer feedback, it's still a rarity in professional services.

This post on awards for professional services firms in which clients are the only arbiter is prompted by Mark Cohen's recent words: "The awards season is longer than baseball’s, and the list of award categories rivals the Oscars".


Mark, who lives in Washington DC, calls the global scene as he ​​sees it. He writes "Every week… gala dinners celebrate 'innovators', 'visionaries', and 'pioneers'.

Legal providers are hearing “Celebration” while for buyers it’s . “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

Independent survey after independent survey, including beaton's show Mark is right. As just one example, see our recent reports for law and consulting engineering services on how clients view innovation.

I paraphrase Mark's concluding comment: "Clients, not professionals, are driving the bus now. They are the judges of performance. Professionals can continue to hand out awards and liberally designate peers as 'innovators'. But if clients are not satisfied, the moniker is an oxymoronic punchline, not a recognition of excellence."

We have pleasure in advising that Mark Cohen will be our guest at the 2019 Client Choice Awards gala dinner and ceremony and on March 27 in Melbourne. Here only the voices of clients will be heard as arbiter of which firms win and are celebrated.

Information on our client voice-based awards may be found on the websites:

Client Choice Awards for larger firms in Australia and New Zealand in Accounting and Consulting, Law and Related Services, Specialist IP and Related Services, and Consulting Engineering and Built Environment Services.

The Client Choice Awards are independently researched and adjudicated by beaton.

Professional Services Awards for medium-smaller firms in Australia in Accounting and Law.

The Professional Services Awards are independently researched and adjudicated by FirmChecker, a beaton sister company.

2019 entries for both are now open.