2021 Client Choice Awards Finalist highlights

beaton and our sister company FirmChecker are delighted to announce the Finalists in the 2021 Client Choice Awards. All firms who entered have been notified by email; full details may be found here.

This post reports some of the highlights.


Award categories

There are 55 categories in the 2021 Awards. To the 2020 awards, we have added profession-specifc awards in innovation and CX given the increasing focus on these aspects of competing and service delivery. As well, there are more specialist awards than in 2020 for firms in accounting, built and natural environment consulting and law with annual revenue <$30m.


In 2021 we celebrate 87 firms and 16 practitioners as Finalists across Australia and New Zealand.

Some, to mention a few, like Tilenni Stiles and Associates, Accru, ArtMade, RSM, Gilbert + Tobin, Tonkin + Taylor, Allens and FB Rice are back from 2020. Others like PKF and Coffey return after an interval of a few years.

And, pleasingly, we have many newcomers ranging from the big end of town in New Zealand like KPMG and PwC to small boutiques like Equitas Law and SunnIP in Australia.

The biggest news is the advent of several larger architectural, quantity surveying, urban planning and project management firms as Finalists. In Research. Reveal. last year, we commented on the blurring of traditional boundaries and continuing consolidation in built and natural environment consulting. The new contenders in the Client Choice Awards may well provide additional evidence of these trends.

Our sponsors and supporting professional associations

Our post Partners make our world go round gratefully acknowledges the invaluable support for the Awards from our sponsors and professional associations.

Our returning sponsors are NAB, the Government of Victoria, FeeSynergy, Bombora, the Master of Legal Business from the College of Law, SCD Advisory, CXINLAW and IP Australia. Our first timers are LEAP, Accountancy Insurance, Standards Australia, Legally Yours, DELTEK and M4D.

We also acknowledge the vital support of the Association of Consulting Architects, ACE New Zealand, Consult Australia, AIQS and eight other professional societies. These visionaries recognise the value to their members of receiving high quality feedback from their clients.

Thank you all!

Brand new logo

We are sporting a brand new logo for the Client Choice Awards (pictured). Thank you to Krzysztof Wysocki of Poland, our talented designer. The new look will be incorporated in our 2021 social media tiles and certificates and then rolled out in a family of brands with the Client Choice Festival (coming soon!)

My thanks to the beaton and FirmChecker team

Last, but by no means least, I thank the eight members of the beaton and FirmChecker team who are making all this and more happen: Ben Farrow, Grant Hollings, James Hampel, Jordan Webb, Lynda Dean, Marc Ewen and the joint conductors of this orchestra, Ewa Foroncewicz and Shanan Kan.