Partners make our world go round

Collaboration and community-building are being enhanced during the pandemic as innovation flourishes. We are proud of the beaton and FirmChecker partnership network with over 20 sponsors and professional associations in Australia and New Zealand as a fine example.

This post highlights how this community is working together to reinvent a better and bigger way of celebrating excellence in professional services and thought leadership that started with the Client Choice Awards in 2005.


Up until 2019, Winners in the growing number of categories of awards were celebrated in the traditional way: a gala dinner, entertainment and a guest speaker with certificate and trophy presentation hoopla, as this March 2019 photograph shows.

The onset of the pandemic abruptly ended all this in March 2020. With the enthusiastic support of our sponsors and supporting professional associations, we are transforming the recognition and celebration of excellence in professional services into the Client Choice Festival. The Festival will have two parts.

  1. The Winners of the 2021 Client Choice Awards will be announced in a full-page spread in the Australian Financial Review on 23 March next year. The Winners and all Finalists will be published on the Client Choice Awards website and all those who entered, as well as sponsors and supporting professional associations, will be notified by email.

  2. The inaugural Client Choice Festival will run online for up to 3-hours a day over 11 to 13 May. A smorgasbord with something valuable for everyone. Topics will range over themes like Maximising and sharing value, Digital megatrends affecting the professions and their clients, Growing from critical client feedback, Diversity in the workplace and the leadership, Leading digitally, What makes some firms fly, Clients and firms responding to a COVID-normal environment, and Virtual business development. Session styles will include inspirational and instructional keynotes, guests of honour addresses, secret sauce panels with serial winners, Q&A sessions, and TED-style short talks. Details and how to register will be announced in early March next year.

👏 Benefits 👏

  • The new format will enable firms of all sizes throughout Australia and New Zealand to join in; there's no need to fly to Melbourne or Sydney.

  • Far wider choice of content and ways to participate.

  • A galaxy of experts ranging from inspirational and instructional international and local authorities to those firms and practitioners who are proven by their clients to know what it takes to deliver excellence by everyone, every day with every touchpoint.

👏 Kudos 👏

NAB, Government of Victoria, LEAP, Standards Australia, FeeSynergy, Bombora, College of Law, CXINLAW, SCD Advisory, DELTEK, M4D, IP Australia, Australian Council of the Professions, Consult Australia, ACE NZ, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Association of Consulting Architects, Australasian Association of Acoustical Consultants, Consulting Surveyors National, Planning Institute of Australia, ICON and Governance Institute of Australia.

👏 Thank you 👏

Thank you from the beaton and FirmChecker team.