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Why I joined beaton as a Partner: Darren Milo

I am thrilled to have joined beaton as a Partner based in our Melbourne office. Please read on as I introduce myself, my career experience and why I'm excited by the opportunity of working with such a great brand and team at beaton.

My introduction to professional services

Across 20+ years, I’d describe myself as a MBA qualified and director level business development professional with an intimate knowledge of the professional services industry across Australia, UK, Europe and Asia. Over this time, I’ve been fortunate to gather a wide base of international experience covering stakeholder management, multijurisdictional team leadership, facilitation, business planning and strategy, project delivery, client experience, partner/executive coaching and client relationship management.

Moving on from my ‘in-house’ global leadership role with Herbert Smith Freehills in late 2018, and after enjoying some time out with my family and for professional development, I established my own consulting firm in early 2019. Over the past few years, I have been working with many clients across professional services delivering a variety of projects and individual coaching assignments.

My passion for the sector

Solving problems, addressing challenges and striving to create value for clients is my passion. Understanding our client – in whatever shape or form – provides the foundation for delivering in the sector. Having a curiosity about where clients challenges lie and to where they wish to travel drives me to explore what’s possible and what’s around the next corner.

My mantra is that each conversation should be seen is a learning opportunity and to never make the mistake of thinking one has all the answers or that a previous solution is necessarily the one for this situation.

Rewarding professional experiences

My most rewarding professional experiences would not have occurred without the strong leadership and support from key stakeholders, most notably CEOs, managing partners and global heads. These leaders not only have high expectations and an even higher degree of trust, both of which bring out the best in professionals and yield the best possible outcomes. This has been my personal experience on many significant multi-jurisdictional and multi-stakeholder projects I have been fortunate to either sponsor, manage or participate in.These projects have involved multiple team members; the learning associated with seeing first-hand highly competent individuals deliver great pieces of work gives me a personal buzz.

Observing people shine and having a hand in helping to shape opportunities for them is something for which I will continue to search!

Why beaton?

Two reasons:

  1. A data-driven business. Working, and thriving within professional services environments requires a strong sense of data validation and substantive reasoning skills in order to prove the value of projects to implement. This is an area which I not only enjoy, but it’s also a perfect synergy with the hallmark of what beaton delivers to the industry. Interpretation of data, and uncovering the ‘strategic gold’ is a fabulous challenge and something with which I’m excited to help firms under the beaton banner.

  2. The people. The professionals of the beaton family are fabulous individuals; I have learned from several of them in the past and fully expect my development will continue in the beaton environment. Being part of the collective is a strong personal motivation to help advance our clients' businesses.

What I hope to achieve as a member of beaton

A few things really stand out here. Understand the data to a whole new level. What’s the story behind the trends? How could this information help firms shift their thinking, even if only a little or possibly a whole lot? When I was in-house I used beaton data to help shape a strategic – and sizeable – shift in our approach to our clients. This initiative delivered amazing client feedback and exceptional growth in measurable service attributes and, ultimately, revenue and profit growth. The opportunity to do this for our clients is a fantastic motivating driver.

Something about me that's not in my LinkedIn profile

Amongst people who know me well – and those who know me only a little – I could be referred as a beer snob. With two partners, I helped run a hobby craft beer brewing business and turn it into a modestly successful and internationally awarded business over nearly 10 years. I now am at the stage where I obsess over brew dates prior to any beverage purchase. Anything brewed within the past few weeks gets a tick from me; outside this and I’ll most likely stick to a soda and lime cordial thanks.

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