Strategic consulting

Draw upon decades of C-suite consulting experience for professional services

Our areas of expertise range from successful profit improvement to state-of-the-art BD. Our elite team of consultants will tailor its approach to ensure the best outcome for you

BD and CRM: Strategy and training

Our services include:

business development law firms

Design of client programs

professional services consulting

Client relationship partners masterclasses

improving client service

Client service excellence programs

client service best practice

Best practice CRM workshops

business development engineering firms

Business development workshops

We help firms develop client programs, and work with partners to build confidence and competence to win work and develop client relationships

We use our research on buyer behaviour to inform our approach, and our hands-on experience of working with partners across the professions to get results

"If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something. Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering."

Jeff Bezos - Founder, Amazon

Business strategy: Formulation and implementation
strategy consulting law firms

Diagnosing business performance

conference facilitation law firms

Facilitating leadership and planning conferences

management consulting law firms

Guiding strategy implementation

Using the insights gathered from our research and many years of experience of working with professional service firms, we guide the development and implementation of strategic plans


Using well-tested methods, we take time to get to know the firm and its stakeholders to ensure well-structured, actionable outcomes that drive successful outcomes

Our clients get value for money

“For the last year we have worked across our Australian offices with beaton to improve the way we negotiate the price of our services and communicate value to our clients. This investment was initially motivated by seeing our position on the beatonbenchmarks fair value line. We are already deriving benefits and expect the benefits to grow and be sustained.”

Managing Partner, Large specialist professional services firm  

Pricing: Strategy and negotiation
law firm pricing consulting

Selling on value, not price

law firms value

Defining your firm's value proposition

engineering firms pricing consulting

Briefing, scoping and pricing workshops

engineering firms pricing consulting

Development of pricing strategy

pricing negotiation law firms

Negotiating price and discounts workshops


Monetising scope creep workshops

Pricing and negotiation is one of the major strategic and commercial challenges faced by professional firms


beaton works with firms to optimise their pricing strategy and execution delivering immediate ROI. Our approach combines research on value and pricing, with our experience of client communication and the financial/ operational aspects of pricing

“FB Rice engaged beaton to assist the firm in pricing our services. This has led to a sea change in how our attorneys engage in pricing discussions with clients and in their understanding of the value they deliver to clients. We have used the teachings and adopted what for us were novel approaches to engage with and win new client work in circumstances where this would likely not have occurred in the past.  ”


Brett Lunn - Managing Partner, FB Rice

Partner performance: Management and remuneration
partner performance management

Designing performance management systems

remuneration law firms

Workshops to clarify performance expectations

remuneration engineering firms

Advice on remuneration structures

An integrated performance management and trusted reward system is key to driving a high-performance culture and superior outcomes in firms


The objectives of an effective system are to ensure execution of strategy and growth and fair division of profit. This is particularly important as firms deal with succession and generational change